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You've S you zip it up and press the button and it's got ths air valve that compresses and C condenses the laundry in there so it takes up less space. This is pretty genius.

Good Morning America (ABC)

There's a variety of pieces. All the accessories and luggage. It has a water bottle holder. Huge assortment when you go on-line.

This is a line started by a celebrity make up artist inspired by the movie pirates of the caribbean -- They like the movie. What's fabulous about this -- You gonna look like Johnny Depp when you're done. If that's your look, that's okay. The eye pallet 18 shades all pro formulas.

The pigment allows you to use it wet or dry. It's very versatile, just a variety of options. The lip gloss is fabulous, just a big assortment. I love the names of it. It says black pearl, cursed. Amazing cosmetics, we're introducing their brand new highlighter. That's glow, bronze and rose.

Three options you can use alone or a great base. Use it under your make up or for highlight er definition. They' their cosmetics just great.

gma steals and deals

Free shipping a key. You're paying attention to me but doing something else. The whole time I've been listening to black eyed peas. What's amazing with these head phones instead of going over your ear they're bone conduction. I hear you've perfectly. And your music.

I'm enjoying both.

GMA Deals & Steals

You knew what these were when I gave them to you. I have a friend who I said why dent you have your head phones on. He said they're on.

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Anywhere you have to pay attention to traffic you can enjoy your music and not tune out the sound you need to hear. They go through your cheek bones instead of your ears. You got a customer. I'm a customer.

Today’s Deals: New Deals. Every Day.

This is the this tiny little -- stick this shower burst like this into your shower and the steam of the shower is going to create an aroma therapy experience in your shower. Whatever the fra grns I couldn't love you don't get it wet. You've hang it away from the shower head so it doesn't get wet.

The steam is what makes the magic happen. I'm obsessed with this. All right. Blanket scarves. Tori we're not done yet because we have amazing give aways from amazing cosmetics. You can start eating these basil leaves instantly. The deal? Normally depending on the model you exclusive from to A good one. Let's see who this is for on our list. Door number two. This is the for the busy gal.

Busy gal or guy. So Aaron condrin. You can add personalization. Great wrapping paper too. Do we need to open a door? Yes, Krista, who you got there? The beauty queen or king. So aquis with the hair turban and while you're doing that -- This is the turban.

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That looks perfect. That would help your hair dry faster. It looks perfect. Very left you speechless? Yes, yes. We need to open another door. Yes, the movie buff.

Tory Johnson has a gift for everyone on your list this holiday season

This is for the "Star wars" fans or any movie buff, popcorn popper. Their whole "Star wars" collection. Everything has amazing detail so the cookie cutters, can you look in the front there?

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My husband was up until midnight making those cookies. Look at the little yoda. We burned the yoda ears. But I mean it is so fun with all of these "Star wars" products and they have the most amazing gift collections we have on line, even beyond this.