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Introduction to the yield curve - Stocks and bonds - Finance & Capital Markets - Khan Academy

United States: The Content may not be accessed by persons who are residents of, or located in the United States. European Economic Area: The Content is not intended to be offered, sold or otherwise made available to and should not be offered, sold or otherwise made available to any retail investor in the European Economic Area the EEA. The Coupon Interest Rate on a Treasury Bond is set when the bond is first issued by the Australian Government, and remains fixed for the life of the bond.

These instalments are called Coupon Interest Payments. Yield to Maturity is the rate of return on a bond expressed as an annual rate if purchased at the current market price and held until the Maturity Date.


The calculation of the yield assumes all Coupon Interest Payments are reinvested at the same rate. Yield To Maturity will vary through time with changes in the price and remaining term to maturity of the bond. The Coupon Interest Rate is set when the bond is first issued and remains fixed for the life of the bond. If you become a holder of an Exchange-traded Treasury Bond eTB and had settled the transaction at the Record Date the close of business eight calendar days before the Coupon Interest Payment Date , you will be entitled to the next Coupon Interest Payment.

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After these portions have been paid back to investors, they receive smaller interest payments as the amount of their money held with the Treasury has been reduced. When you are ready to invest, you need to complete a Treasury bond application form. This includes information about the Treasury bond you want to purchase, like the issue number, the duration, and the face value amount you want to invest.

It also includes information about yourself, including your names, telephone number, CDS account number, commercial bank account number, and whether the funds you are investing are coming from a local or offshore source. On the application form, you have two options for selecting a rate, which is the percentage of your face value investment that you will receive in semiannual interest payments. The final section on the application form is the Rollover Instructions.

Coupon (bond)

To easily facilitate re-investment, investors with maturing bills and bonds can use their returns to purchase further government securities. The results from the auction are published, both in a daily newspaper and in our statistics section. While investors will typically receive Treasury bonds in the amount they applied for, the Central Bank can issue bonds in a lower amount.

Following the auction, investors need to call or visit the Central Bank or its branches to determine if their applications were successful and to determine how much they owe for their Treasury bonds. If you have submitted an application, it is extremely important that you contact the Central Bank to determine what your payment will be, as you will need to make that payment by 2pm on the following Monday or, if that Monday is a public holiday, the following Tuesday.

The payment period for an auction typically closes on the following Monday at 2pm. Successful applicants who fail to submit payments within the payment period can be barred from future investment in government securities.

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Upon investment in a Treasury Bond, the Investor will receive interest payment semiannually in their commercial bank account as indicated on the CDS account throughout the tenor of the Bond. Alternatively, Investors may choose to rollover their security into a new forthcoming issue and in this case, they have to complete the application form giving rollover instructions and submit it to Central Bank, before closure of the period of sale for that bond.

The maturity date of the maturing security investment and the value date of the new bond MUST match for the rollover instruction to be successful. Facebook Twitter. Treasury Bonds.

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  6. Secure Treasury bonds are units of government debt, meaning that you are investing in the Kenyan Government. Regular Returns Most Treasury bonds carry semi-annual interest payments, allowing investors to receive returns every six months. Flexibility The Central Bank auctions several different types of Treasury bonds, enabling investors to find bonds that fit their needs. Auctioned Monthly Treasury bonds are auctioned every month, providing ample investment opportunities for diverse financial needs.

    Decide How You Want to Invest Treasury bonds are offered for a set amount of years, ranging, to date, from one to Infrastructure bonds are used by the government for specified infrastructure projects. These bonds typically see a lot of market interest because returns from them are tax exempt.

    Zero coupon bonds are similar to Treasury bills, in that they are sold at a discount and do not have interest payments.

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    They are also typically issued for a short period of time.