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Lowe's home improvement stores have the tools and experts to help you make your ho-hum house into your dream home.

Thinking about replacing your boring bathroom with an elegant oasis? Lowe's offers Kohler and Moen fixtures, vanities, bathtubs, and showers to give you that restful retreat feeling. It's said that the kitchen is the heart of the house, but does yours feel more like a heartache? Time to give it a new lease on life with brand new kitchen cabinets or maybe a kitchen island.

Where to Buy | D/2 Biological Solution

Perhaps a beautiful new tiled backsplash or lovely granite countertops will make you fall in love with the room anew. Don't forget to use a Lowes promo code to stretch your remodeling budget as far as possible. Maybe your home suffers a bit from My Fair Lady syndrome? Is it lovely on the inside, but it needs little polish on the outside?

Lowe's garden centers have your lawn mowers, grass seed, fertilizer, decking, and flowers all ready to make your lawn lush and lovely instead of sad and scraggly. You can crank up the curb appeal with a new mailbox, mulch and mums for good measure. Lowe's discounts give you the products and the knowledge to never stop improving.

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  • 3 Reasons NOT to use Lowes or Home Depot for your granite countertops!
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Lowe's Promo Codes and Coupon Codes While some may look at home as merely a place to store your stuff, isn't it really so much more? Keep reading…. Get Deal. About Lowe's While some may look at home as merely a place to store your stuff, isn't it really so much more? Kelly Moore is my primary paint dealer, and the floor paints they carry are not their own label.

I can't think of the name of the stuff I used in my garage, but it doesn't matter because I know it's been discontinued. I've gotten 15 years of moderate traffic no vehicles with little damage to the paint. The biggest factor in getting coatings to stick to concrete is opening up the smooth, slick coating that exists on most garage floors. This can be done either with acid etching or physically abrading it with a concrete grinding machine. The pros use abrading machines because it removes more of the surface and leaves the surface dry and ready to accept the coatings.

They are also more effective in removing any past coatings or sealers, particularly anything that contained silicons.

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If water beads on your concrete, NO coating is going to stick to it either! Home Depot has outside contractors periodically come in to polish and seal its floors. They use 3 grinders ganged together with a HEPA vacumn sitting on top. It is done over 3 nights without creating any dust or smell.

3 Reasons NOT to use Lowes or Home Depot for your granite countertops

They use some kind of proprietary coating which I believe to be a water based urethane. In the morning, the floors really shine and continue to look good for a couple years.

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Were I coating my garage, I would opt to abraid it. My preference would be for a 2 part epoxy, although there are some really exotic coatings available now at premium prices. For floors with normal foot traffic, a one part epoxy is adequate.

I am not a fan of acrylic based floor coatings due to there softer, gummier nature. It is always a good idea to follow the instructions to the letter, especially when using catalyzed finishes. They often have temperature and humidity limits along with restricted work times. Just wanted to give an update. I used the paint on the concrete and it looks great and no signs of wear or breakdown at this point. The only lesson I learned is that this paint must be continuously stirred and if not, the granules will settle a the bottom. Other than that, I have no complaints with the product and its outcome.

Thanks for letting us know how it went.

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It's always nice to hear back from folks to let us know their results and I'm glad you found success! Granite grip does make a good skid proof garage floor. You'll have to trim the edges with a 3 or 4 inch brush. Will take three coats. The first coat will look terrible the second one will start looking better and the third will make the job look great.. I do not recommend putting this product on a garage with fibers. It does not lay the fibers down, the fibers will stick up and make the job look like it had trash in the paint.