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You need to consider that these coupons will provide additional discount for multiple quantities of eligible products. They also cannot restrict to one per customer because they are redeemed before the customer even logs in. If you do not want to use the instant coupons, erase the admin input for Instant Coupon Prompt. Instant coupons are particularly useful if you want to send out a link in an email with the product code and coupon code in the link so the customer can click the link and it puts the product and coupon in the basket automatically.

This restriction can be used with checkout, basket and Google checkout coupons. It cannot be used with instant coupons which are redeemed on the product page. You can make a coupon only valid for only those in specified price groups.

Alternatively, you could restrict a coupon from being used by specified price group members. Keep in mind though, a price group customer could use a coupon they are not supposed to use if they redeem it in the basket after adding a product and before logging in. So if you are allowing basket redeemed coupons, you should not create coupons which do not allow price group customers to use them.

If that is the case, only use checkout coupons in your store. To allow by price group, in the input list the price group names separated with the character. If you want to exclude a coupon from use by specific price groups, begin the line with a minus character, followed by the price group names e. Coupon Label Beginning with version 5. If you leave this input blank, the module will use the default description located in the "Admin" tab of the coupon redemption module.


Then follow that with a hyphen. After that you would put in the eligible location codes separated with the as a delimiter. There is a special code if you want to limit it to the United States but exclude Alaska and Hawaii. Use the code USX for this special condition. If you use state limiting, the state codes used may be the same as state codes in a different country. Most likely you will only use the location feature for the country comparison and free shipping coupons. You may not want to provide a coupon for free shipping for customers outside of your native country.

I've included the state and ZIP in case you might want to have some local area specials. Google Checkout Module and Coupons Beginning with coupon module version 5.

Atlanta Braves Baseball

You can use the fixed discount or percent discount or free shipping type coupons. Bug alert: In some versions of the Google checkout module the free shipping is getting doubled. Miva had fixed their Google module but then it broke again. You need to keep a close eye on this if you use free shipping and are using Google checkout. While it might be working at one time, an update of the Google module may break it again. Note if you use the free shipping coupon, Google will make whatever shipping method the customer selects free.

If you are using the CBS Shipping Supermod, the free shipping coupon will also make whatever shipping method the customer chooses free. The coupon code will not be included in the CBS shipping method line item. For this reason you may not want to use the free shipping coupon if you are also using the CBS Shipping Supermod. Finding Specific Coupons or Lists of Coupons You can quickly find a specific coupon by entering the first few letters of it or the full coupon code and clicking the Go button.

When you select the first few letters you can display all the coupons that are similar, e. Also, there is a quick find for all sub-coupons those coupons that are auto-generated from coupon templates. Simply click the coupon template code in the list of coupons. For more info about template coupons see the paragraph below "Coupon Code Generator". Deleting Coupons Expired or cancelled coupons can be removed from the database to cut down on disk usage one at a time or in mass. In admin, you can either put a check in the remove column and select update or select purge expired coupons, then select update.

Now click the tab labeled "Admin". You may not want to change any of these entries initially. Once you get used to the module and its features, you will probably want to fine tune some of these settings. The default is quite simple. You can replace this default with template code that lets you style the prompt and input. As a simple replacement, here is an example. If you leave this blank, the module will use the text you used in the above box.

Tdu 2 16-digit coupon code

Instant Coupon Prompt This is the label prompt the customer sees on the product page. See the example above. Error Messages The error messages are self explanatory. They relate to the restrictions that were covered in the descriptions of the coupon inputs above. When they try to add a coupon past that number, a configurable message will display and the coupon will not be added.

Enter Your 16 Digit Coupon Code Below Steam - GameBillet] Fallout 4 with coupon code :

You can also display a convenient tally of the number and value of the coupons that are currently in the basket with this code. The coupons redeemed during checkout or in the basket will have the label defined by the "Coupon Display Label" input. An exception to this is the free shipping coupon.

Its label is defined by the "Free Shipping Label" input. The instant coupon, defined by "Instant Coupon Label" can also have a token that displays the product code it was used for in the line item. Instant Coupon Usage If you insert the token editing requirements below on the PROD page template, the instant coupon prompt will show on all product pages.

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If that is what you want, leave this input blank. However, if you only want it to show on certain product pages, you will enter those product codes in this input. Separate each with product code with a character. Since you may have many products that this applies to, we have included an Auto-fill feature.

Check auto-fill box and click update to fill the input with eligible products.

Tera redeem code list 12222

After clicking update you should see the input fill up with eligible products and the auto-fill box will uncheck itself. Hide Coupon Prompts from ALL price group customers If you don't want price group customers to see the coupon prompts, you can check the box. Since they already get hefty discounts you may not want them to see coupon prompts. Keep in mind, if they are not logged in and you are using instant coupons, they will not be restricted by this as the system does not know they are a price group customer.

Also, if you are redeeming coupons on the basket page or pages other than checkout, they will not be restricted. Hide Coupon Prompts from these price group customers You can limit the coupon restriction to just some price groups. In the input, list the price groups. Separate each price group name with the character.

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Editing Requirements The module is called within specific template screens with render tokens. You will edit the template by inserting the token and clicking the Update fig 7. Important: After adding the render token to a template page, you must click the Items link for that page, scroll down to the item name and assign it to the page fig 8. These two steps are repeated for every page that a module's render token is used on.