Only a sith deals in absolutes meaning


  1. A Shroud of Thoughts: The Power of the Dark Side: Darth Vader
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  3. What the Heck is Obi-wan talking about?!

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You see, it seems to me that Obi-Wan is actually saying something here that is both literally true and metaphorically true. He has the high ground, standing on a ridge and all, but he also has the high moral ground. Is this possible, could it be that a Star Wars character would say such a thing? Well, if it is true, it doesn't last very long.

A Shroud of Thoughts: The Power of the Dark Side: Darth Vader

The next lines of dialog are:. But of course, Anakin does try it, and for the first time in the history of the cinema, someone who does a stupid move in a sword fight like spinning around or jumping over someone is rewarded as they should be rewarded: they are cut off at the knees. Or worse. Of course, I can't be sure that I am right about Obi-Wan and his high moral ground but nevertheless I wanted to alert you to this exciting possibility.

Labels: aesthetics of sword fights , cinematic theory , essay , good vs evil , history of visual effects , sarcasm , screenplays and treatments. Of course the Jedi deal in absolutes.

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They themselves represent an absolute - that of the light side of the Force, countering the Sith on the dark side. The polar extremes that dominate most existing Star Wars lore only ever cause conflict; a more balanced approach seems altogether healthier. But remember: Luke threw himself into exile after failing to restore the Jedi order. By making a definitive claim about the nature of the Sith and absolute statements, the Jedi Knight underlines a central, recurring theme of duality that takes place throughout the story. There is no faction within the Star Wars universe that loves to manufacture duality as much as the Jedi. First and foremost, they purport the battle between the light and dark side, forever contrasting. Third party? Middle ground?

Dealing in Absolutes

And it gets weirder. What is this, if not duality exemplified?

What the Heck is Obi-wan talking about?!

Opposites cannot exist without each side being defined such that it stands in absolute contrast to its alternate. My confusion over this part of the job description may be why I chose Penn State over a galaxy far far away.

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George Lucas, however, debunked the notion that Jedi are restricted from pleasures of the flesh:. Indeed, this distinction shows a multi-layered thinking process. It allows a thing sex to exist in isolation from connotation, where its context attachment and perception possession are not assumed. Whether an observer of the Force, or of the religions of our world, this quote of absolutes, and the parallel between the squabbles of the Star Wars universe and our own, remain pertinent.

Without sufficient introspection and analysis, like Obi-Wan, we too can mistake ourselves and the very thing we fight against.